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Please provide your prompt in English, check prompt examples and write full senteces for best results.

AI Code Generator Beta

Code Generator AI can quickly generate fully explained Arduino code and save you hours of tedious work. Just provide specific instructions, and our AI-powered tool will deliver the code in seconds.

It’s free to try, and we welcome your feedback on how to improve it.
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For best results, be precise and specific when entering your prompts, and if there are any errors, provide more detailed instructions for the AI to follow.

For now, only code in C will be written. We are currently implementing a feature to support MicroPython and CircuitPython as well.

“Blink the built-in LED every 3 seconds, without using delay.”

“Read temperature value of DHT11 sensor and submit the value to an MQTT topic called /mydevice/temp, using Ethernet and not WiFi.”

“Say Hello AI over Serial Output, with baud rate 112500.”

“Blink an LED.”

“Read the temperature value of my sensor.”

“Say Hello AI.”

Now using GPT-4 as language model, which is able to do much more complex prompts and higher accuracy overall. It’s a bit slower than the older model though, please be patient while code is being generated. We plan to add a button to switch language models in the next version, so you can pick between speed and accuracy.

Syntax highlighting is now available on result code and history pages.

Your prompts can be saved now in a history. To use this feature, please create a free account.

Initial release on 20th March 2023.